Reinventing Genome Engineering
Reinventing Genome Engineering

About the company

Algentech has developped disruptive technologies to transform plants into green factories for multi-sectorial applications. The company was incorporated in 2009, is a member of the Genopole BioCluster and performs its R&D activities at the University of Paris Saclay on the Orsay Campus.

Our mission is to solve current technological bottlenecks in the field of genome engineering and bring novel approaches to the market combining production efficiency with lower carbon footprint.

Current in house developments include the production of antimicrobial peptides, melanin and nucleic acids for multisectorial applications.

Dr Sorokin has more than 20 years’ experience in genetics, agronomy and biotechnology. He obtained his PhD in plant genetics obtained in 1991 from the school of Agronomy in Minsk for his work on wheat and triticale genetics. Prior to founding Algentech he held the position of senior research associate at the Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK), in charge of technology development and consultant at Plant Bioscience Ltd (Norwich, UK). He is co-inventor on 5 patent families owned by Algentech.
Alexander Sorokin
Management team PhD, President and CEO
Dr Malcuit holds a PhD in plant virology received in 1998 from the department of genetics, Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Dr Malcuit has extensive experience in genetics and plant biotechnology. Prior to founding Algentech, she held the position of senior research associate at the Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK), in charge of the programme for functional genomics using VIGS (Virus-Induced Gene Silencing). She is co-inventor on 7 patent families owned by Algentech.
Isabelle Malcuit
Management team PhD, Executive Director

Fréderic Zampatti

Graduated from Toulouse Business School & Master in finance from Nice University; Director of Investment at Scientipole Capital, formerly Deputy CEO of Nutrivercell. Project manager at Genopole. Site manager in agribusiness

Nathalie Ricoeur Nicolai

PhD in economy; executive director and founder of Scientipole capital, former project manager at Scientipôle Initiative. Former Deputy Director of economic and financial research at CDC IXIS. AMF Certification

Alain Verlière

Expertise in Agrochemical industry (Hoechst) and Pharmaceutical industry (Sanofi) in operational position (VP for Latin America zone) as well as Corporate (VP for M&A in emerging market). Serial investor within BADGE organisation.

Gérard Cachier

PhD, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and Stanford University; electronic engineering with Thales France, headed international R&D programs. Investor and Consultant for BADGE in Paris

Michel Martin

IT specialist, graduated from ENSEM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Electricité et de Mécanique) and IAE Paris business school; Secretary General at IEAM Paris

Anna Jakubiec

PhD in molecular virology from Jacques Monod Institute, Paris. After completing a post-doc at the Rockefeller University, New York, she joined Algentech in 2011, in charge of chloroplast technology development

Florina Vlad


PhD in plant molecular biology from Paris XI University, Orsay; Florina joined Algentech in 2011 in charge of genome editing applications

Alena Sarokina


Msc in Biochemistry from Minsk University. Alena joined Algentech in 2011, in charge of the plant transformation platform

Sandrine Choinard


Msc in Biochemistry from Caen University; Sandrine joined Algentech in 2016 as a research assistant specialised in molecular biology and tissue culture

John Paul Morris


Bsc Commerce, graduated from Kerala University (India); joined Algentech in 2016, in charge of client relations in India

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