Algentech is proud to announce the publication of its breakthrough chloroplast technology in Nature Plants

Algentech’s disruptive technology was published on June 21, 2021 in the journal Nature Plants The process patented by Algentech makes it possible to produce high levels of proteins and nucleic acids in plant chloroplasts. A technological breakthrough of prime interest for many industrial sectors, in search of sustainable bio-based production platforms. The journal Nature Plants published on June 21st the process patented by Algentech. The paper describes for the first time a self-contained expression system in the form of minichromosomes that have the ability to self-replicate in chloroplasts. The method does not require the integration of genes of interest into the chloroplas

t genome and generates a high level of expression of nucleic acids and proteins.

Link to the publication: Replicating minichromosomes as a new tool for plastid genome engineering | Nature Plants

Link to the Press Release: Algentech : production a haut rendement dans les chloroplastes – Genopole

Isabelle Malcuit

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