Reinventing Genome Engineering
Reinventing Genome Engineering

Innovation is in our DNA!​

Current In house developed products include the production of allomelanin, antimicrobial proteins and RNA in chloroplasts, booster modules for increased efficiency of nuclease-based genome editing methods and the induction of cytoplasmic male sterility via mitochondria transformation.

Here are a sample of our projects :

Allomelanin production

Plants were engineered to produce allomelanin for a large range of applications. Allomelanin is a natural pigment with interesting properties: resistance to UV, protection against radiation, antioxidant and antimicrobial.

Production of mRNA for vaccine applications

We have demonstrated very high yield of RNA in chloroplasts combined with an innovative and cost-effective process for RNA purification using virus-like particles.

Plant cells engineered as factories for production of complex molecules

Our proprietary chloroplast amplification platform is used to express entire biosynthetic pathways in plant cells to produce pigments, biosurfactants and complex metabolites.

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