Reinventing Genome Engineering
Reinventing Genome Engineering

Innovation is in our DNA!​

Current In house developed products and R&D include the production of enzymes, surfactants and therapeutic compounds in chloroplasts, the development of efficient booster tools for increased efficiency of Crispr/Cas9-based genome editing methods and the induction of cytoplasmic male sterility in selected crops via mitochondria transformation.

Here are a sample of our projects :


Development of alternative, green and sustainable biofuel is one of the most important challenges to address climate change. Hydrogen represents one of the cleanest alternatives to fossil fuels. Biomass is the most abundant renewable resource and is far more evenly distributed worldwide than fossil fuels.The project is focused on providing efficient and low-cost production of hydrogen from plant biomass.

Unparalleled genome editing efficiency in eukaryotic cells

Our latest genome editing improvements enable optimal efficiency of homologous recombination between the target and the donor.

Plant cells engineered as factories for bio-surfactant production

Our proprietary chloroplast amplification platform is used to express entire biosynthetic pathways in plant cells where different types of bio-surfactantsynthesis are tested

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