Hydrozyme selected by Superbio

Algentech’s Hydrozyme project has been selected for innovation funding from the SuperBIO Horizon 2020 Project!

The Hydrozyme system is designed to use the potential of our chloroplast production platform to generate enzymes involved in bio-hydrogen production using biomass. With SuperBIO’s support we will soon launch pilot studies on our plant cell lines to test for efficiency of hydrogen production. Watch this space!

SuperBIO (http://www.h2020-superbio.eu/) is an innovation project funded by the H2020 call Cluster facilitated projects for new value chains (Innosup 2015-1) managed by EASME (Executive Agency for SMEs). The call aimed for projects with a concrete strategic vision to build new industrial value chains by integrating and supporting groups of SMEs in collaboration with other innovation actors.

SuperBIO are committed to build new, innovative, cross border and cross sectorial value chains in the biobased economy. SuperBIO value chains consist of at least three cross-sectorial stakeholders from at least 2 EU member states or H2020 associated countries that are needed to make the innovation in the bioeconomy happen. This typically includes at least a biomass supplier, a converter and an end-user. The project is business oriented: SuperBIO selects promising value chain ideas which are submitted by companies or other industrial stakeholders and is committed to support SMEs in constructing their value chain.

Isabelle Malcuit

Management team PhD, executive director and Cha&*PX(M@s1rcA(&puwjHj0g

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